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Protex Investigators is a efficient investigating agency and private detective agency in Kolkata which offers a variety ofsurveillance and investigative services to individuals, corporates and organizations. We as private detective agency in india help individuals and corporates with proper proofs, evidences and facts to take an informed decision to counter any problem.

Personal Investigations

We are one of the best private detective agencies working as the Personal Detective in Kolkata. Personal investigation needs to be carried out with lot of secrecy and for this you would need a group of experts and experienced professionals like us.

Corporate Investigations

We Protex Detectives are one of the leading investigation agencies in Kolkata who can solve any kind of cases like Background Verification of Employees, trademark Infringement, forgery or any kind of information leakage in your company.

Our Testimonials


“What a load off my shoulders to have finally gotten this case taken care of. I couldn’t have done it without your investigation. Thanks again!”

Mr. Debashis Samaddar

Businessman, samadars@gmail.com, 9831556084

“Thank you for all of your diligent work to date that you have provided our firm. Over the years we have seen investigative agencies come and go—none however have come close to providing the level of diligence your organization constantly provides. We look forward to a long and mutually fruitful relationship with your organization.”

Kartick Dutta

Hotelier, karticdutta.dutta77@gmail.com , 9163092433

“I sincerely appreciate the work Protex Investigations has done. I want everyone to know that I will never forget what you’ve done for me. Your results are so greatly appreciated.”

Partha Ghosh

Share Broker, parthaghosh2558@gmail.com, 9331040242

“Protex Investigations has shown positive results in all investigative matters and remain leaders in the PI industry. I would highly recommend Protex Investigations for any type of case!”

Anupam Misra

Accountant, anupam.misra@yahoo.com, 9433343366

“I want to thank you for all of your help. I greatly appreciate your determination and conviction. You are truly an inspiration.”

Mou Mukherjee

Press Hyderbad, mouish@gmail.com, 9160055240

“Your surveillance skills are simply the best in the business!”

Sudip Kr Sinha

CA, sudip_72@rediffmail.com, 9830311520

”Excellent communication, insight, and follow-through skills. Very impressed with your surveillance video. Excellent work. Thank you! Will refer to friends in need.”

S.K Dey

Administration,deysk43@gmail.com, 9477240033

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