In today’s world we know the technology & advancements are moving very fast & we want our children to be keep in pace with the society. But we also want to ensure your child is not getting involved with any illegal , anti social or any criminal activities.

We at Protex Investigators can provide extensive child tracking services. While you may be busy with work, sometimes children, particularly teenagers, get involved with criminal activities such as drug abuse, mixing in bad company, theft,  and gambling.

It  is important to know who their friends are, and how they spend their time when not with you. Early intervention in these matters makes significant difference to the welfare of the child. ur PI partners can initiate GPS tracking for teens as a tool in your hand to keep track of your child’s activities and reason for behavior issues. This can help you make the decision to give your teen son or daughter the freedom by providing you information that you will not otherwise have access to.

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