Shadowing means following a person to find out the exact activity of the person. It includes where the subject goes, whom he meets, what he does, etc. Normally Government agencies police, military & secret agencies etc., can only undertake shadowing and surveillance. But we as private investigating agencies provide this service for matrimonial investigation or other investigations like corporate surveillance.

We have a dedicated team for carrying out the surveillance without the knowledge of the subject.

For instance, we change our shadowing team constantly and we also use different vehicle daily. Also the report would be backed by evidence in the form of pictures and video recording.

Who may require Surveillance?

– Parents, to monitoring children with whom they mix outside the house
– Spouse or Husband , who suspect their partner of any kind of misconduct.
– To get more information on the person or your fiancee before getting married.
– Rival business groups to gather business intelligence.

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